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Maxi-Solution Accounting & Taxation Limited is a reputable professional organization, we have many years of experience in different services. In this rapidly changing society, we constantly update and improve ourselves so that customers can have the best quality of solution in the event of problems.

Services include: tax, accounting and business support, company secretary, litigation assistance, financial and management consultation, financing, corporate financial restructuring services.

Clients include: tourism, transportation, construction, textiles, clothing, education and other manufacturing industries, service industries such as clinics, law firms, computers, beauty, nursing homes and film animation related companies.

Our philosophy: With many years of experience and sincere attitude, we will be able to provide the service to meet customer requirements in these rapidly changing world of business, taxation and financing.


Professional Services


We can provide its clients with a comprehensive tax plan to resolve all tax issues relating to Hong Kong, such as individuals, unlimited companies and limited companies.

HK$ 750 up


Our accounting department is designed for all kinds of customers. Since our comprehensive computerized accounting services are designed to meet the needs of different customers, we can provide the most efficient and prompt services at the most reasonable price.

HK$ 500 up

Company Secretary

Every limited company incorporated in Hong Kong is required to have a company secretary in accordance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. We provide company secretarial services and specialize in the establishment of self-established Hong Kong companies, obtain business registration and open bank accounts.

HK$ 750 up

Company Incorporation

A sound internal control structure is essential to sustaining business efficiency and performance, especially for rapidly expanding and growing businesses.

HK$ 1,000 up

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Address: Room 1304, 13/F, Podium Plaza, 5 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.